The last five years in the banking world seem truly extraordinary, even to the most casual observer. Banks are facing increased pressure to drive shareholder value. Despite compressed margins and low loan growth, the industry has made substantial progress in improving its financial performance by limiting expenses and growing noninterest income. But amidst all these developments, there remains a real concern about various technology risks.

Given the increasing reliance on technology, inaccurate data, inconsistent reporting, and system glitches have the ability to quickly disrupt a bank's operations, strategy, and reputation. Further, the increasing sophistication of cyberattacks, including the fraud and operational risks they pose, has become a top concern of banks and regulators.

How Tech Mideast can help ?

As needs are numerous and varied, Tech Mideast takes a holistic approach to technology investments and focus on major priorities of Banks, creating a more seamless customer experience across all delivery channels, improving security to thwart cyber threats, and upgrading data collection and analysis for regulatory and growth initiatives.

Tech Mideast helps Banks to leverage investments in compliance infrastructure to improve cross-selling and grow revenue, while keeping an eye on the upcoming need for real-time processing and decision-making platforms.