Tech Mideast can provide an end to end support solution for your company. We have many clients that we have tailored maintenance contracts with that allows them to have just the support they need for specific devices or people or all devices and people.

Tech Mideast can support smartphones, tablets, servers, desktops, laptops, networking equipment, IT security equipment, unified communications systems, enterprise applications and any remote or internal employee anywhere in the world.

Our support solutions are made by you for your companies' direct needs. We can setup a meeting to review your current support systems and processes and with your help, identify the issues where your current setup is lacking. Call us now to get a meeting setup.

Tech Mideast Business Critical Support Services

Business Critical Support Services is Tech Mideast’s highest level of services for companies that require secure uninterrupted access to their data and applications. You’ll get a designated Business Critical Account Manager, your trusted adviser, business advocate, and conduit into Tech Mideast to help manage your entire support experience. You’ll also have access to a Business Critical Engineer or Solutions Architect to help resolve issues and deliver a portfolio of proactive enhancement services to ensure you maximize your investment using Tech Mideast as your support partner.

Your Tech Mideast Business Critical Support Services Account Team is composed of our most senior technical experts to help resolve issues quickly and effectively. Tech Mideast Business Critical Support Services is a highly customization suite of services designed to meet the unique requirements of your IT environment.

Call us now to get a meeting setup to discuss your critical services that you just cannot have go down.

For past many years, Tech Mideast has been providing structured cabling solutions. The foundation of our business is servicing our clients and providing solutions that will allow them to grow without re-cabling. We work with our clients to provide standards based solutions that are cost effective and meet our client's requirements.


Cabling Services:

Copper cabling for category 5e, 6 , 6a augmented

10 Gig UTP Cabling

Data center cabling solutions'

Cabling for data, voice, video and security applications

Fiber cabling- multi mode and single mode

Cable audits

VOIP cable validation, testing and certification

Indoor and outdoor wireless access point , cabling and installation

Physical security systems- Cable re certification

Trouble shooting and problem re solution

Project management

Live Support. Simple Escalation. Fast Resolution.

Vastly improve time-to-resolution for your employee's desktop incidents as the Tech Mideast team quickly identifies the issue and either resolves it on the spot or quickly escalates to higher level support. Tech Mideast provides one phone number for everyone in your organization to reach support for all service desk needs.

Automate alerts, notifications, workflow and escalation procedures within your organizations infrastructure operations which can be measured, tracked and reported to establish benchmark support targets. 


  • Implement foundation standard operating procedures with predictable outcomes
  • Leverage world-class ITIL® best practices for IT operations and delivery
  • Improve ticket management, problem resolution, and gain insight into trending analytics
  • Establish your own internal key performance indicators and Service Level Objectives for IT

Our Services Include

  • System and Network Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
  • Internal and External Infrastructure
  • Wireless
  • Web Application Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
  • Dynamic & Static Application Testing
  • Security Architecture and Firewall Review
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Consulting
  • Detailed Analysis & Reporting
  • Post Engagement Consultation

As a dedicated managed services provider, Tech Mideast is committed to ensuring the highest levels of ongoing support for the critical infrastructure and applications that drive your business forward. Outstanding support is based on predictable and measurable resolution processes that you can rely on for effective communication, ticket management, and incident resolution.


IT Service Management (ITSM) from Tech Mideast encompasses the processes, methodologies and systems that encapsulate our standard operating procedures to align your organization's business needs with best-in-class IT operations and support. If your organization is looking to harness the power of a reliable and predictable support methodology and platform, then we should talk.


Data-centers used to operate as silos, where each piece of hardware did a unique job, now the age of convergence is upon us. Storage devices, servers and networks are being consolidated into one big family of shared resources, and our data-centers follow the same principle. We build data-centers that are based on converged architecture – an open model that pools servers, storage and networking resources and shares them between multiple applications.


With all resources grouped together into compact, efficient packages, the new data-center is easier to manage and provision, and it supports the rapid scaling up or down of resources associated with cloud-based services.Whether you are building your way to big data strategy or simply looking to get your environment optimized and primed for growth, a converged data-center is a strong strategy.


What sets a Tech Mideast data-center apart from the rest?

End-to-end virtualization. In a Tech Mideast data-center, servers, networks and storage devices all work together to bring business applications online quickly, which means your business can respond to rapid changes in demand.


Low maintenance. With a built-in touch-screen control panel, maintenance and troubleshooting are a breeze. Instead of replacing entire units, use the touch panel to identify problems, virtually swap out components and upgrade system files.


Flexibility. Tech Mideast architecture can be built around your existing data-center infrastructure and dropped in to augment your existing systems. Or, it can be built to support specific business applications.


Density.Tech Mideast system packs more of everything into a smaller package – processing, storage, networking capacity. This translates into a smaller footprint, less cooling and less power. You can fit many more servers into a much smaller space. It's energy efficient and a great example of green computing.​


A virtualized environment gives you quicker time to market and better visibility of your storage processing power, but it also places a greater burden on the network infrastructure. In other words, the network has now become the new stress point. The 1GB Ethernet networks of the past – heating, cooling, cables, routers and switches – now cannot cope with the increased capacity, which is why many companies that move to a Tech Mideast data-center architecture also upgrade to a 10GB or even 100GB network to maintain peak performance and speed.