IT Solutions & Projects


Networking, wireless & mobile

Your network extends everywhere – wired, wireless and mobile.  We partner with the best networking vendors, and bring award winning expertise to your networking projects – allowing your company the ultimate flexibility when we build you the perfect network to grow your business on.

Server, infrastructure & virtualization

Whether your business requires just one server to run your day to day operations, or many in multiple locations, we can design and engineer the right set up for you and provide the support to keep it running smoothly. Our virtualization technologies, including sever consolidation, can help increase your infrastructure management ability, lower your maintenance efforts and drive your costs lower.

Messaging & unified communication

As the world speeds up, so does your need to communicate instantly, everywhere. Tech Mideast offers secure, high-quality solutions including IP Telephony, Instant Messaging, email and video conferencing; keeping you connected and the information flowing.

Storage & backup

The vast amount of data businesses accumulate now can be staggering. We have industry proven solutions for your storage, backup and recovery needs.  From top vendors to best practice built solutions, we ensure your data is safe and secure so you never miss a step.


Tech Mideast offers the complete spectrum of cutting edge (and tried and true!) Cloud solutions.
We bring Cloud to your solutions, offering you options from pure Cloud to the balanced ‘Hybrid 
Network’.  Cloud is another tool to lower your costs, improve your organization’s resiliency and 
stay flexible in a fast world.  Qabastech has the cloud solutions you need. For more information, visit
our Cloud tab.

Project management

It’s not enough to have all the latest hardware and software. Our Project
Managers take all of our solutions and put them into practice while also managing time and cost, ensuring
you meet your business’ goals when it comes to IT.

Security Consultancy


Security Solutions

TechMideast range of security assessment and advisory services aims to ensure that current security controls and procedures are adequate and being adhered to, as well as offering best practice guidance to securely protect all areas of your business. Our solutions are proven, cost effective and they help organizations implement a layered, defense-in-depth approach.

Our services include

  • Firewalls
  • Email and Web Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Managed Security Services
  • Endpoint Security Patching

Testing services

Understanding where your network is most vulnerable is vital to your security strategy. Our security testing and advisory services help businesses easily understand risks and turn technical findings into realistic security strategies which closely align with business goals.

Our services include

  • System and Network Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
  • Internal and External Infrastructure
  • Wireless
  • Web Application Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
  • Dynamic & Static Application Testing
  • Security Architecture and Firewall Review
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Consulting
  • Detailed Analysis & Reporting
  • Post Engagement Consultation

IT Support and Managed Services


Onsite support & remote services

With our expertly trained IT professionals at your service for support and maintenance across Saudi Arabia can be there, wherever your “there” is – home, remote location or locally.

Augment your team

With our technical practices, from junior to senior skill levels, we can provide our expertise to successfully address and bolster any needs your company may have on your IT Department.


Our highly trained employees work with today’s top technology to monitor your systems, security, networks and servers – preventing problems and business disruptions before they happen.

Managed security services

Tech Mideast takes a proactive approach to securing your network and business from the ever increasing IT threats; ranging from the merely annoying to the deadly hazardous. We cover everything from anti-virus endpoint protection, web security, to email protection – ensuring protection from the evolving threat landscape your business faces.



We have established relationships with the top manufactures and distributors, giving us access to the great pricing and products you expect. Our team of experienced professionals can work with your needs to provide all your IT procurement (hardware and software) needs as well as all renewal and licensing requirements your business has.

Strategy & Planning


IT management

Our experienced IT Managers, acting as your trusted advisors, ensure your IT aligns and enables your business goals. We are with you every step of the way.

IT assessment and strategy

After assessing your IT requirements, our experienced team will provide you a balanced IT Strategy – tailored to your budget and goals. This will keep your operation stable and guided, ready to move your business ahead.


Business continuity planning/disaster recover planning

Power outages, fires, floods; sometimes things happen that are beyond your control. Having a solid Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place will help you mitigate risk and keep your business up and running through a disaster. And your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) will be used once the disaster has passed, to quickly restore your business to 100% operations.